DIY Woodworking-Tools To Hang Shelves

Published: 05th May 2010
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Have you ever put up shelves, that began to sag with the weight or even come down.

Every shelf has a weight limit, they also require different anchors and brackets for the shelving material you select.

Hanging shelves is a great diy woodworking project. In this article I will tell you what tools you will need and how to hang shelves correctly so they never sag again.

You can put heavy-duty shelves in your garage or shed. They can hold many of your tools. That way you can easily find what tools you need.

In addition, you can hang decorative shelves in any room in the house. The are numerous options today for a variety of shelves.

You can have glass shelves, and all wood shelves, also you can use cheaper materials and paint them to match any room in the house.

I have put together a list of tools you will need to build your own shelves. I also wanted to explain about the many kinds of brackets and shelving materials that are available.

The most important lesson on hanging shelves, using the right material for whatever purpose your shelves will be used for.

If you are putting your shelves in the garage to store heavy objects like tools or cans of paint, it is important to use the right materials and also how to anchor your shelves for the most strength.

Every kind of shelf has a different weight limit; therefore, it is important to use the correct brackets for whatever application you are using your shelves for.

When choosing stationary brackets, you can select very decorative to heavy duty ones.

For the brackets that offer the best strength for your shelves select the ones that have diagonal supports.

Tips for hanging shelves

When starting attach the longest bracket to the wall and the shorter arm to the shelf. When possible you should always anchor the supports directly to wall studs. This makes for much sturdier shelves.

If you find you have to anchor your brackets between studs, always use mollies and toggle bolts. Make sure you follow the manufacturers weight limits when using mollies and bolts.

If you are putting your shelves up on a cement or brick wall then use only masonry anchors to attach your shelf supports.

These are the tools you will need to hang shelves

Stud finder

Shelving brackets

Drill and bits


Carpenters level

You will find any number of shelving material from horizontal cantilevered brackets to Z-standard for utility shelves.

One more important tip when putting up your shelves you want to minimize any sagging. The best way to prevent sagging shelves is to mount your brackets at least 6" (inches) from the ends of the shelves.

Following these basic tips and you will be able to build shelves for every storage problem, and also to display fine objects.

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